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10-year old ‘Karate Kid’ Tackles 3 Grown Robbers Who Tried To Steal His Bag

Have you ever seen a kid fight off robbers or intruder well, read the story. According to a report by The Sun UK, 10-year-old Charlie Fichera, a purple belt Karate champ, was walking on the road with her girlfriend Georgia Baily-Fleming, 9, when 3 robbers attacked them, in which they slapped him and took his bag containing his iPhone.

Charlie Fichera

However, ran after them, display a couple of his Karate moves on one. He twisted the guy’s arm behind his back till he let the bag go.

“He dropped it (the bag), I picked it up and then legged it. There was a bit of a struggle with the others but they backed off,” Charlie said.

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Charlie has been practicing Karate for the past three years.

“I’ve never had to use it in a situation like this before. They’ve learned their lesson,” he said.
Charlie’s parents, who both know mixed martial arts, called the police later. The three robbers have been arrested.

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