2023: I have no third term Agends-Buhari.


President Muhammad Buhari has made it clear that he has no third term agenda.  This was disclosed by The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) on Monday, November 25. The BMO President Muhammadu Buhari has no plan to seek a third term in office despite calls from some persons for term elongation.
The Guardian reporter that the organisation in a statement signed by its chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, in Abuja, noted that the president is a democrat whose decision not to run for a third term is final and irreversible.
Akinsiju told Nigerians to ignore those pushing for term elongation, adding that such a call violates the Nigerian constitution.
The organisation stated that the president had made a bold declaration not to seek a third term and that the president will not go back on his promise.
”As a man of integrity, he will not renege on his promise and neither will he bastardise the Nigerian constitution for personal gains, no matter the pressure, Akinsiju said.
“We are confident that with the measures already put in place by Buhari, Nigeria is already well-positioned for development which will lead to job creation, economic growth and rapid socio-political development of the country.
The BMO explained that the president had no plans to violate the oath of office he swore to by seeking a term elongation as he is focused on delivering on the on good governance.
Akinsiju said ”We want to reassure Nigerians that Buhari remains focussed in improving the lives of Nigerians by embarking on programmes and projects that will positively impact on Nigerians,”.
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