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36 US states sue Google for abusing Play Store power



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Google now has a lot on its plate as the attorney generals of 36 US states including New York, Utah, North Carolina, and Tennessee, are suing Google are seeing the tech Giant for infringing competition by establishing a monopoly on the Play Store service.

The complaint, filed in the federal court in San Francisco Wednesday, accused the tech giant of abusing its power over application developers through the Play Store, which is almost the only application store in Android operating systems.

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“Unbeknownst to most consumers who own a mobile device running Android, every time they purchase an app from the Google Play Store, or purchase digital content or subscriptions within an app, up to 30 percent of the money they pay goes to Google,” the complaint reads.

“To collect and maintain this extravagant commission, Google has employed anticompetitive tactics to diminish and disincentivize competition in Android app distribution.”

Google, in reacting to the lawsuit in a blog post on Wednesday, said it was “strange” that the Attorney General chose to attack the Play Store instead of Apple, the article said, “Android and Google Play offer an openness that other platforms cannot provide.”

In the article penned by Google executives, “The purpose of this lawsuit is not to protect consumers. “It’s about supporting a handful of major app developers who want to take advantage of Google Play without paying.” 

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Google also argued that companies such as Epic Games and Samsung are allowed their own app stores on Android phones.

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