5-year-old boy saves sister and his family from a burning house.


Noah Woods, a 5-year-old boy has extraordinarily saved his entire family from a fire outbreak.

According to a report, Noah wakes up to flames in the bedroom. But he didn’t panic, managed to get himself, his 2-year-old sister, went back into the burning build and save their family dog.

After which he ran to the next door, where his uncle lives to alert him of the fire outbreak which saves the rest of the family.

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“I don’t know where the flame came from,” he said.
” I picked lily up, got to the window with lily, get the dog and get out” Noah added.

His quick thinking Help saves his family and unscathed, while Noah only suffering a minor burn mark to his wrist and the others choking on smoke and her little sister Lily burned her feet.

Today, Noah is being named an honorary firefighter and will receive a lifesavers award from his efforts.

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