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A horror film that’s ‘scared 86 fans to death’ comes to cinemas for the first time

Have you ever watched a film so scary that you didn’t even make it halfway through, declaring it ‘almost scared you half to death,’ perhaps yes?

A report by the Mirror has it that a Horror film claimed to have led to the death of 86 people who dared to watch it will be coming. to cinemas for the first time.

A ‘cursed’ horror film which was made in the 1970s, telling the story of a brother and sister who are so distraught by the death of their pet dog that they decide to dig their way to hell to rescue their pet’s soul, as reported by the Daily Star.

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According to the Unclad report on its site, claims that the first cinema the film was screened burned down, killing 56 people, and the second screening also ended in tragedy when the building exploded, killing 30 people.

Antrum Photo credit: Else Films

The makers of ‘Antrum’: The Deadliest Film Ever Made’ state that the movie contains a ‘secret’ which must be seen by certain audiences which the also learns that the film might be killing those who watch it in a Ring-like way, with an ominous on-screen warning that ‘Antrum isn’t safe’. and those who witness it are ‘certain to die’.

Filmmakers David Amito and Michael Laicini insist the curse is real, resulting in two major tragedies – but, as yet, there are only plans to screen the horror in Japan, so those hoping to test the theory will need to pack a suitcase, Mirror report.

American horror director Eric Thirteen became aware of the film at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in late 2018 and was determined to put it out to a wider audience.

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He struck a deal with Uncork’d Entertainment for the terrifying tale to be screened throughout 2020 in cinemas across Japan, where it has attracted attention on social media.

Watch the trailer below

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