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We are an independent online News and entertainment platform that provide full detailed information on matters arising in Africa and other part of the world.



Are you a brand with a product, service or an event?

We can create a set amount of content on a quarterly basis to be promoted on our Instagram feed, blog, and YouTube Channel. These posts are vignettes into our adventures/lifestyle and include caption + image tags for your brand, with insights into how we like to use your product.

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an Article

Sponsoring an advice post is a great way to have your brand visible on our evergreen content.

The Sponsoring of an advice post includes:
+ we align your brand, product or service with our creative content.
+ 12 months sponsorship unless agreed otherwise.
+ includes “this article has been sponsored by x” within the first couple of paragraphs of the article.
+ your product(s) will get a strong recommendation within the article at the relevant moment. To be eligible we must first approve the product based on our positive experience testing it.
+ Includes lifestyle imagery if required.
+ Would either be in an existing article that is not currently sponsored OR we will create new relevant advice post.

Social media

branded Post

Publish a branded post on Roundnews24 social media pages to engage the audience with outstanding content, relevant and close to your brand. Our team will create for you custom useful infographics or videos. Partner's logo, Facebook page tag, and hashtag are included in the post.

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Want to see your business sitewide on roundnews24.com?

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