Aliens May Have Livein our Milky Way But Destroyed Themselves With Their Own Technology – Study

Scientist now think that the know the reason why we haven’t been able to make contact with aliens yet.

According to a study by a team of researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology, our galaxy the Milky Way may have been home to alien civilizations.

However, the study posted online on Arxivearlier this month, says that there is a strong possibility most of the aliens are now dead because their own progression led to demise.

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Adding that our galaxy may be full of dead aliens lying around who annihilated themselves due to their own science and technology.

“will inevitably lead to complete destruction and biological degeneration”. Based on this, they extrapolated that all life in the Milky Way Galaxy may have been obliterated by now, not by external sources, but by its own devices – development.

If there is intelligent life somewhere else in our galaxy, it is “still too young to be observed by us” and too far from Earth to be identified, researchers noted.

The study in Arxiv read: “We found the potential self-annihilation to be highly influential in the quantity of galactic intelligent life.”

It added, “If intelligent life is likely to destroy themselves, it is not surprising that there is little or no intelligent life elsewhere.”

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