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Android 12 features Split-Screen Mode, which let user To Run Two Apps

Latest Android version, could soon get a new built-in feature that lets you split-screen at the same time called ‘App Pairs’.

As reported by 9to5Google, this new feature on ‘Android 12’ users could get the ability to pick two apps from the recently opened section to create a pair. Once paired, users could get the ability to swap between a solo app or the pair that you’ve created.

The report further explains that the ‘App Pairs’ would continue to use the divider to split as much screen real estate as one wants. However, the overhaul will also allow them to instantly swap positions of two apps with just a double-tap, citied from Indiatimes.

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Also, Android 12 will bring changes to how wireless networking works too. For example, it will add an easy way to share Wi-Fi passwords using QR codes. XDA Developers has also discovered a feature dubbed Restricted Networking Mode – basically, a switch that disables Internet access for user-installed apps.

With this on, only system services and apps signed by the phone maker will remain connected. This will be a helpful tool to limit battery and data plan usage by apps working in the background.

All these features surely sound interesting and they’re not too far either as the report highlighted that we should see these in the Android 12 developer preview that is scheduled to roll out on Pixel and select Android devices sometime in February as that’s when we saw Android’s Developer Preview rolling out last year.

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