Ashraf Ghani says he left Afghanistan to avoid bloodshed, vows to return home


Ashraf Ghani has broken his silence in a video message, his first since stepping down as president of Afghanistan and fleeing Kabul earlier this week.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani. Photo Source: Reuters

The statement came hours after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that it had accepted Ghani and his family on ‘humanitarian grounds’.

Ghani posted a video on his Facebook page late on Wednesday, confirming that he was in the United Arab Emirates. He thanked Afghan security forces in his message, but also said that the “failure of the peace process” led to the Taliban snatching power.

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In what can be seen as a response to US President Joe Biden and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg’s remarks, Ghani said, “I should not be judged by those who do not know all of the details.”

The ex-Afghan president mentioned that the government’s negotiations with the Taliban did not reach any conclusion. “It is our failure,” he said.

He also said that he wanted to “transit the power to Taliban peacefully” but was “evicted from Afghanistan” against his will.

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Referring to allegations leveled by the Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan that he fled Kabul with “four cars and a helicopter full of cash”, Ashraf Ghani said he rejects all such allegations.

“Rumours that I left with a lot of money are completely baseless. They are a lie. You can verify this with the UAE Customs. I did not even have time to change my shoes. My security asked me to leave as there was an imminent threat to me as head of state,” Ashraf Ghani said.


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