Australian thief uses a fishing rod to steal Versace necklace, Twitter reacts


A viral video shows a moment a thief was caught on camera stealing a gold necklace with a fishing rod from a designer store in Australia.

The thief broke the window of the high-end fashion store and then slid the fishing rod to lift a Versace necklace from a mannequin inside, reports CNN.

From the video shared on twitter by the Australia police department shows a man using a long object that is suspected to be a fishing rod, sticking it through the store window.

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After failing during his first attempt. It took the inner-city angler almost three hours to finally hit the jackpot “$700 gold Versace necklace” with a bigger rod.

“It’s fairly blatant and it’s quite bold as well, to have someone attend with a fishing rod in the middle of the night,” Victoria Police Senior Constable Bede Whitty stated.

However, Twitter users had amusing responses to the video, below are some of the responses.

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