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AY – May death take me if I’m against #EndSARS.

AY Makun

Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun popularly known as AY has debunked claims that he’s against the EndSARS campaign protests by the youths of Nigeria against police brutality.

The internationally recognized actor came under heavy criticisms when he allegedly made a post on his supposed Facebook page applauding a section of the Nigerian police force for executing their duties properly and dissuading the public from writing off the entire force as bad. His alleged statements didn’t go down well with members of the public who reminded him of the evils perpetrated by the police force especially the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) who takes part in most cases of molestation, extortion and unlawful killings. Some comments accused him of accepting bribes from the government to sabotage the protests while some others chided him for the wrong timing and insensitivity in making the statement.

” They say when you punish a child you use another hand to draw closer. My foremost respect to Mr Kyari and every good police officer who have been diligently doing their duties. In all our seeking for a good police reform, may we not demoralise our entire police force. May God guide our nation as we seek a turn around in positivity. God bless all the men of the armed forces as they do what is right, may God protect the good ones amongst them. Weldone Nigeria. “

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AY responded to the criticisms denying the responsibility of the statement, claiming he’s not in control of the verified Facebook page. Taking his defence further, he wished death on himself if he is responsible for making the statements which was later deleted from the page. AY insisted that he would never turn a blind eye to bad governance for selfish reasons and therefore won’t pledge his support to corrupt politicians at the expense of the masses.

” I REPEAT! May I know no peace if i go beyond my position as indicated in my previous tweets, to support an inconsiderate govt that lacks human understanding.If it is true that i made that post,may their bullets take my soul when I join Falz & others to make our demands tomorrow.
I can NEVER be that cheap and docile to support a bad government where all politicians lie for their own selfish interests. As i join @falzthebahdguy & others tomorrow to further make our demands,may their bullets bring me down if truly I put up that post on Facebook. #EndSarsNow
The post on Facebook has been brought to my notice.May death take me before my time and claim everything that I have been blessed with if I truly put that up. I have always stood firmly with #EndSARS campaign with all my tweets here and on instagram. I do not handle that page. “

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