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Bad Parenting: What you should know.

Bad Parenting : what you should know.

Bad parenting is a series of actions that can seriously harm the child’s demeanour and psychology. Bad parenting isn’t restricted to a single act; it is a collection of these acts that are usually what contributes to a harmful effect on the child.

Most poor parenting may not be intentional, but this does not reduce it’s negative impact on the child. Some parents are not aware of the consequences of these actions and some might not even care. Bad parenting might stem from not knowing enough to be a better parent or from a general lack of apathy to learning the right way.

Bad parenting can have many adverse effects on your child. With our lifestyles being as fast-paced as they are today, it might seem easy to just tell your child what to do. However, you must remember that your child is an individual who requires care and nurturing from you.

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  1. Reprimanding the Child Excessively.
    If your child does something wrong and you reprimand or scold him excessively for the mistake, it can have a negative influence on your child. This practice can have a worse effect if your child has displayed honesty and has confessed to making a mistake.
  2. Disciplining the Child in Front of Everyone.
    You might lose your patience and scold, yell, or even hit your child in front of others. This will have a serious impact on your child’s confidence, and the feeling of shame arising from this method of discipline will be hard to shake off.
  3. All Advice, No Encouragement.
    You dispense advice about everything, from brushing teeth to picking the right clothes rather than encouraging your child with support.
  4. Withholding Affection.
    You do not give your child hugs or say ‘I love you’ to your child often. This will make your child feel emotionally disconnected from you.
  5. Not Setting Rules.
    Children need structure and boundaries in order to grow up to be healthy individuals. If the child does not grow with discipline, then she will suffer in situations outside the home environment.
  6. Lack of Support.
    Children need support, especially during stressful times like a performance at school or examinations. You could be more concerned about your work, and this might leave your child feeling anxious.
  7. Comparing Your Child.
    You constantly tell your child that she should be like other children and emulate their positive traits. This is a sign of bad parenting.
  8. Not Proud of Her Achievements.
    You never praise your child for her achievements and do not show pride in hard work.
  9. Using a Criticising Tone.
    Using a tone that shows disapproval of all your child’s actions will leave a negative mark on her.
  10. Not Respecting Her Feelings.
    You do not take the time to have a conversation with your child and understand her feelings. When opinions and feelings are disregarded and not addressed in a healthy manner, it could adversely affect kids.
  11. Being Overprotective.
    You protect your child from every imaginable danger out there. This will make your child fearful and afraid of taking any type of risk, from making new friends to trying new activities.
  12. Lack of Trust.
    You do not allow your child to make decisions because you are sure that they will be the wrong choices or you do not believe her.
  13. Not Giving Your Time.
    You are always too busy to talk or play with your child or just have no interest to do these things. Being glued to your phone screen while your child is talking to you can make them feel neglected.


Bad parenting can have a lasting adverse impact on your child in terms of behaviour and psychology. Here are a few effects of bad parenting:

  1. Antisocial Behaviours.
    When your child does not consider how his actions might affect others, it is known as antisocial behaviour. A severe form of this can lead to substance abuse, mental health problems, crime, and poor health. Bad parenting actions like parental drug abuse, domestic violence, and maternal depression usually contribute to this condition. This is also observed in children whose parents displayed critical, negative, and coercive behaviour.
  2. Poor Resilience.
    Children learn how to cope with emotional, mental, and physical trauma from seeing how their parents deal with any hardships themselves. In this case, bad parenting comes in the form of not shielding the child from a crisis or not being able to handle negative emotions, which in turn, rubs off on the child.
  3. Depression.
    Many studies have shown that parents who have a negative approach will have children with a higher susceptibility to depression. Bad parenting actions that lead to depression include low levels of emotional and physical support, physical punishment, and an unhealthy expression of negative emotions.
  4. Aggression.
    Many studies have shown that kindergarteners who have explosive anger issues usually have a poor relationship with their mothers. Negative parenting techniques like rough handling and expressing negative emotions towards the child during infancy will cause the child to have high levels of anger.
  5. Lack of Empathy.
    If the child is treated with indifference at home, then chances are high that she will behave the same with others outside.
  6. Difficulty with Relationships.
    Parents who do not help the child express their emotions in a healthy manner will find that their children are unable to maintain friendships. Bad parenting also could cause the child to question trust and develop low self-confidence.

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