Bill Gates money manager accused of racist and sexual comments to female workers


Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates’ longtime money manager has made racist and sexual comments about employees.

Dailymail reported, Michael Larson, 61, shared nude photos of women in the office, rated female colleagues on their looks and made racist and sexually-offensive remarks.

Sources told The New York Times that Larson made a racist comment to Ybarra, who is Black. After she told him she had voted before coming to work on Election Day one November.

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However, Larson says to her “but you live in the ghetto, and everybody knows that Black people don’t vote,” according to the report.

Another source said , Larson ask male employees which one of the ladies at a work Christmas party in the mid-2000s will the like to f***.

When a female staff member was attending Weight Watchers, Larson allegedly asked if it was to lose weight for him.

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Another woman at his firm was allegedly asked by Larson if she would strip for a certain amount of money.

He apologized for some of his languages but denied making the racist comment.


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