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Being Black; never deny your melanin

Sometimes, stepping outside the doors of your home feels daunting as negative comments and ill-treatment from “acclaimed first-class citizens” keep coming through your ears on a daily basis.

Silent tears become hard to fight and your true identity remains a hidden treasure to humanity, just because you exist with melanin.

More so, the falsified judgment from your peers of your skin color symbolizing failure and defeat keeps playing in your subconscious for days on end, reminding you of the fact that failing is a life you ought to live.

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Black monkey! This was becoming the usual name everyone called every time you appear in class.

The mockery becomes more and more frequent as nothing good is seen in all your efforts.

You are praying and crying just to relieve yourself of those man-made pains.

Just then changing your belief system begins to mold your grace to fetch from the rivers of knowledge and to understand the willingness to scale through.

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And so you did, your results, curbing and silencing all forms of mockery, raises your focus to new heights you are scaling just because changing your mind with much positivity has become life lessons.

Staying on the podium of knowledge, winning trophies accompanied with positive comments, recommendations and invitations keep inspiring others from your race.

The strengths, the boldness, the never give up courage walking through the fire and not getting burnt….

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that’s the effectiveness of self-discovery, taking actions with mind transforming activities, changing pessimistic thoughts of those living with melanin through your success.

Nature didn’t just choose you to live with dark skin, but to erase the mindset of your race as failures. You are faultless for being dark, but your change gave you reasons for being black.

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