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Boy Spends ₦6,084,000 For In-app Purchase Using Mom’s Account, Apple Refuses to Return Claim

A mother has been left in shock, after discovering that she has been debited with $16000 (₦6,084,000) from her account for an in-app purchase made by his 6-year son.

According to a report by the New York Post, Jessica was shocked to understand that her six-year-old son has made in-app purchases worth $16000 on Apple App Store using the iPad.

She further discovered that the transactions were made in July when he started using the iPad for his games and bought add-ons on the games.

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The report further stated that in July this year, her account was debited 25 times with around $ 2,500(₦950k approximately).

Failing to understand how it happened, Jessica thought that she has been duped by the hackers and filed a fraud claim.

However, she was later informed by Chase that the purchases were made from her account and she was not duped by anybody else.

Days later, when Jessica reached out to Apple asking them to refund the money, she was denied the claim as she did not claim it within 60 days. However, Apple refused to return the claim even when Jessica told them that because of the difference in her bank account she would not be able to pay her family’s mortgage.

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Unable to blame anyone for the unfortunate incident, Jessica accused the gaming company of being predatory and luring teen-age kids to buy things on the app.

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