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Brazilian Senator Caught Hiding Coronavirus Money ‘Between Buttocks’ During Corruption Probe

A Brazilian Senator was caught in a police raid hiding money in his underwear on Wednesday.

Reportedly, a police investigation is being conducted to probe misuse of public funds for fighting coronavirus.

When federal officers raided the home of Chico Rodrigue as part of the corruption probe, they found 30,000 reales ($5,300) in cash, part of which was discovered in Rodrigues’s underwear, including “between his buttocks,” said major outlets including O Globo, Folha de S. Paulo, and Estadao, quoting sources from the investigation.

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The federal police confirmed to AFP they were trying to dismantle a “possible criminal scheme diverting public funds” set aside to combat the outbreak in Roraima state.

However, Rodrigue denied wrongdoing and said he had been clean throughout his 30 years in politics. Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro accused the media of using the story to portray his government as corrupt.

After the discovery, Rodrigue was suspended from the Senate for 90 days by Supreme Court Justice Luís Roberto Barroso.

“The police team possesses a video of the second personal search that was carried out,” Barroso said.

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“However, in this case, considering the manner in which the money was hidden by Senator Chico Rodrigues – quite deeply in his underwear – I will not reproduce these images in this report so as not to cause greater embarrassment.”

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