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Bride price should be scrapped – Lady speaks out.

A social media user known as Queen Vivian @VivianRora has called for the revision and possibly expulsion of Bride price as part of the rites in Nigerian cultural marriage ceremony.

Vivian Rora claims that the practice of paying bride price and other gift items by the groom’s family in exchange for the bride is synonymous with purchasing the woman like a commodity. She insisted that the practice is one of the ancient female slavery that needs to be abolished.

Part of the marriage rites in Nigerian includes the demand for a varying sum of money by the bride’s family as bride price alongside a list of exorbitant gift items which are expected to be supplied by the groom. The meeting of the demands is an indication that the groom is capable of bearing the responsibilities of a family, and then the bride’s family would willingly give out their daughter in marriage.

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Vivian Rora suggested that the practice ought to be scrapped, insisting that the value of the girl child is worth more than the animals, money and other gift items which are demanded.



I feel bride price is an ancient form of female slavery in Africa that needs to be scrapped..

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I’m a woman , I’m human and I am worth more than a chicken ,goat and a penny.

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