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British boy drowns in Turkish beach resort pool during a family wedding



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At a Turkish holiday resort, during a family wedding, a British 14-year-old drowned while celebrating

He was swimming in the Liberty Lara ocean side inn pool in Antalya on Sunday evening when he got into trouble.

He was pulled out of the water unconscious by a barman and was administered CPR before being rushed to the closest hospital.

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Police in the interim is currently exploring claims that the lifeguard, who should be on the job while the kid suffocated, had left the pool unattended to go on mid-day break.

One spectator told The Sun: ‘This occurred around 1 pm and we heard the lifeguard had gone for lunch.

‘They made a good attempt to restore the kid along the edge of the pool yet it was past the point of no return.’

The Liberty Lara lodging told The Sun the cases encompassing the truant lifeguard were misleading.

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