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Britney Spears wants father removed as her conservator

Britney Spears will suffer ‘loss and injury’ if her father isn’t removed from her conservatorship, her lawyer has argued.

Her father has control over her finances and personal affairs as her conservatorship, but now Britney is filing a lawsuit to remove Jamie Spears as the co-conservator of her estate, according to Billboard.

She has in September requested that her conservatorship be managed by The Bessemer Trust – a private independent firm that looks after $140billion for over 2,500 families – and her lawyer Samuel Ingham is now requesting that Jamie is removed from his position as soon as the Trust is appointed.

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Ingham first applied to have Britney’s father removed when he found out in a letter sent on October 28 that Britney’s longtime business manager, Lou Taylor of Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, had resigned without giving her any notice.

Instead of telling Britney, her father allegedly hired a new business manager, Michael Kane of accounting firm Miller Kaplan.

Stating that Britney has no idea how much she would be paying Kane nor the terms of his employment.

The lawyer further told judge Brenda Penny that Britney does not want her father to continue to serve as the co-conservator of her estate.

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Ingham describes the letter as a “blatant attempt by James to try to retain full functional control of her assets, books, and records in the face of Britney’s objections, TriStar’s resignation, and the appointment of Bessemer Trust.”

He continued that “The suggestion that James will hold onto Britney’s assets even after Bessemer Trust is appointed gives rise to a very serious concern as to the safety of Britney’s estate.

“Under any circumstances, having an outside accounting firm retain control of the record-keeping function for the conservatorship rather than Bessemer Trust is completely inappropriate.”

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However, asking the judge to appoint a neutral corporate fiduciary to control Britney’s finances, which he refers to as an “honest broker”.

A new hearing has been set for November 10.

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