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roundnews24LocalCardi B expresses concern over Nigeria.

Cardi B expresses concern over Nigeria.

American female rapper Cardi B responded to a tweet made by a Nigerian social media influencer over the security challenges in the nation.

Nigerian twitter user Duke of Ibadan @asiwajuLerry called the attention of Cardi B in a tweet alerting her of the state of security deterioration in Nigeria, pleading for her help in creating awareness for the international bodies to be notified and proffer a possible solution.

In his own words, the self acclaimed Duke of Ibadan stated thus:

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“Madam @iamcardib, Trump is not your only problem.
Your beloved Nigeria is currently in a state of pandemonium.
We are not safe!!
If you’ve ever loved this country, please help use your platform to create more awareness for us. Enough is enough!
#EndSarsProtests #EndSARSNow!!”

The state of security retrogression in Nigeria slipped into decadence to a point where the security forces; The Nigerian police force, Special Anti Robbery Squad, The Nigerian Army all are guilty of wanton killings. Reports of molestation of youths floods the internet on a daily basis and citizens are calling for the expulsion of the Special Anti Robbery Squad who are mostly involved in the saga.

Duke of Ibadan’s tweet drew the attention of Cardi B who promised to make a proper research and offer assistance to aid the situation.

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