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Cardi B respond as fans accuse her of joining Illuminati over a photo of devil costume’

International singer Cardi B has revealed that she rather go broke than joining Illuminati.

The 27-year-old rap star who was drag on social media after she shared the costumes she wore for a tiktok video.

Shortly after she posted a picture of her Devil outfit which she caption ‘Single,bad and rich.I do the controlling’, her fans and followers as expected, took to her comment section to react to the photo. While some described it as beautiful, many stated that the rapper had joined Illuminati.

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Her Devil costume featured red stilettos, leather straps with metallic belt holes, adding to the dominatrix air of the outfit, crouched on the floor as she bared her teeth for her to her more than 76 million Instagram followers.


As Illuminati comment did not seem to go down well with Cardi, shortly after she shared another photo to correct the notion. In the photo she shared, she was dressed as an angel.

Her outfit was made up of revealing silver lingerie glittering under the lights, a sparkling white wing was spotted behind her as she posed with her hands raised. The rapper then asked her followers to stop talking about her joining Illuminati.


“Stop with the Illuminati shit ….It was just costumes for a TikTok video DAMN!’ as the post was captioned.

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Responding to comment by her follower who said ‘it isn’t a lie that Cardi joined Illuminati’, the rapper stated that she will rather die broke. adding that money can’t buy her faith in God.

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