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Carles Tusquets appointed President of Barcelona Managing Committee

After a tumultuous period, Josep Maria Bartomeu has finally resigned from his post of club president of Fc Barcelona along with all his board of directors.

FC Barcelona has now released an official statement about the next steps which the club would take. They have formed a Managing Committee at the club. Economic Strategy President, Carles Tusquets has been handed over the role of President of the Managing Committee.

Barcelona officially stated the role of the Managing Committee, “As established in the club statutes, the Managing Committee will undertake the functions of the running, administration and representation of the club that are the responsibility of the Board of Directors. However, their involvement will be limited to actions essential to the maintenance of the normal activities of the club and the protection of its interests. The main function of the Managing Committee is to call for elections to constitute a new Board of Directors, which it must do within three months of its members taking on their roles.”

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The Managing Committee will consist of this following members:

  • Carles Tusquets Trias de Bes: President
  • Joan Ramon Ramos y Raich: Vice-President
  • Joan Lluís Garcia Jobal: Treasurer
  • Josep Maria Mir Padulles: Secretary
  • Miquel Lladó Casadevall: Chairperson
  • Josep Maria Xercavins Lluch: Chairperson
  • Àlex Tintoré y Espuny: Chairperson
  • Sònia Cano y Fernández: Chairperson

As reported by Barcelona, “The Management Commission will hold a meeting tomorrow at 11:30am CEST. Subsequently, at 12pm, president Carles Tusquets will make a formal statement, along with Joan Manuel Trayter.”

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