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Charlie Charlie: is it real or a myth?

The resurgence of the popular Spanish ancient teen game known as Charlie Charlie has given some people something to worry about. Various clips of different people playing the game flooded the social media pages, with most of them being very hilarious.

The Charlie Charlie game which is played with very simple equipments looks harmless but seems to have supernatural connotations, which leaves people worried about the possible consequences.

A twitter user warned “If this year turns out bad, We will remember all of you that played Charlie Charlie in January and provoked the National Association of Nigerian Witches.

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Go and write this down.We won’t forget you all. And we go swear for una.”

But really, is the Charlie Charlie game dangerous.

First, let’s describe the rules of the game.

Step 1: Get a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line in the middle from top to bottom and a horizontal line across from left to right.

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Step 2: Label two adjacent quadrants “no,” and the other two “yes”.

Step 3: Place two overlapping pencils on each axis of your grid, crossing them in the middle.

Step 4: Say “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and ask any question.

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(The pencil on top would move towards any of the quarters to give you an answer)

Given the results, it’s probably clear that this isn’t just any normal game. The game might have supernatural connections which might have adverse effects.

One of the videos circulating the internet shows a girl warning people to avoid playing the Charlie Charlie game. She claimed that Charlie is a demon which is summoned the moment the player recites those words. She added that Charlie haunts players who fail to say goodbye before they close out of the game.

Irrespective of these warnings, internet users still post videos of themselves playing the game, twisting the rules around like replacing the Yes/No option with the names of football clubs to figure out the outcome of matches.The fact that people trusts the predictions of this game proves that it might have some supernatural influence, which by all ramifications is very dangerous.

The Charlie Charlie trend on twitter is an exciting thread on its own.

Check link to see posts on twitter.

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