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Chinese man who ate live snakes now has lungs full with worms

A Chinese man who loves eating exotic food recently found out that his lungs have become infested with worms and snakes. The man, known by his surname Wang, visited a hospital after he faced difficulty in breathing for several months.

Upon investigation, he and the doctors found his lungs to be infested with live snakes and worms. when asked what his regular diet consisted of, Wang said he regularly ate water snails, crayfish and had even eaten a raw snake’s gallbladder once.

After conducting scans, doctors diagnosed him with paragonimiasis, a food-borne parasitic infection caused by lung fluke. Doctors told him that the parasitic infection could be due to eating raw food or drinking unclean water.

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A video showing a doctor pointing out the serious, line-shaped infection on the man’s lungs on CT scan has surfaced online. see video below

Such type of disease is mainly caused by eating raw seafood that contains tapeworm eggs or drinking unclean water, Dr. Zhao Haiyan, a respiratory doctor was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

This is not the first time that a man in China was found living with worms inside his body. In November last year, a Chinese man got a 12-centimeter flesh-eating tapeworm removed from his head. The parasite had been eating his brain slowly for about 15 years.


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