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Chinese Vlogger Dies After Being Set on Fire by Ex-Husband During Live Stream, Sparks Outrage

A Chinese popular influencer has died after her ex-husband allegedly doused her in petrol and set fire to her as she was recording a live stream. The 30-year-old social media star suffered burns on 90 percent of her body and died two weeks after she was attacked.

The incident happened on September 14 when Lamu’s ex-partner Tang broke into her home armed with a cleaver and petrol before attacking her in front of her family members, Daily Mail reported.

The local media reports stated that the screens on the live stream went pitch black soon after the live streaming started.

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Chinese media has said that Tang was seeking revenge on Lamu because she had initiated their divorce due to domestic violence. Earlier this year, she had divorced him over repeated instances of domestic abuse. Both of them got custody of one child each. Later, he had threatened to kill one child if she didn’t re-marry him.

The police have detained him and an investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, Lamu was a popular Tibetan video blogger who used to document her life in rural China and lip-synced to popular songs. She had 782,000 followers and 6.3million ‘likes’ on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok

The case has triggered outrage and anger on social media about violence against women in China.

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