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Couple in India named their newborn baby ‘Sanitizer’



A newborn baby in India has been named ‘Sanitizer’, his father Omvir Singh, said he had named his son ‘Sanitizer’ because it had the capacity to fight against the coronavirus.

“Whenever people will talk of Corona, they will remember that it was Sanitizer that saved them,” he said.

A week ago, Daily Mail reports a twin born during virus lockdown in India are named Corona and COVID by parents who insist they are hoping to ‘ease the anxiety and fear associated with these words’.

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Sanitizer was born on Sunday in a hospital and his mother Monika said that as soon as her husband announced that his son would be named ‘Sanitizer’, all medical staff started smiling.

The couple has asked all relatives and family members to wait for the lockdown to be lifted before they celebrate the baby’s coming.

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