Couple Record their Neighbor escaping Lockdown wearing leaf-like camouflage

As lockdown due to coronavirus seems to have taken a toll on some people, a video that is doing rounds on the internet shows a man trying to venture out from their houses using creative ways.

The video which was captured on a camera by a couple named Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davis shows a man leaving his house dressed head-to-toe in leaf-like camouflage.

In the video, the man can be seen escaping his house during lockdown dressing up as a bush, while Madeline is heard saying “reached new extremes of how to sneak out”.

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The man is first seen hiding behind a bush before scurrying across the driveway. As the video progresses, he begins to walk down the street when a delivery truck passes by.

Towards the end of the video, the man comes back home with a brown package.

The video has gone viral across social media platforms. A few have praised him for his camouflaging and stealth skills, while others expressed concern over people moving out during lockdown.


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