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Cute moment mom shares her adorable 2-year old son having ‘Conversation’ with husky their family dog

Social media was blown away with cuteness after a video surfaced online of cute two years old Toddler in conversation with their family dog.

According to Hindustan Times, 30-year-old Alixandria Smith recently captured her 2-year-old son Braxton and 6-year-old husky Boston engaging in an adorable howling session.

“As he started to do it, I said this is funny, and I started to record it. And they just kept doing it,” she told FOX 17. The video is so adorable to watch, it quickly began raking up the views and shares.

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The clip shows Braxton howling just like his pet and Boston joining him after. What’s cuter is how Braxton cannot control his laughter. At one point, he literally falls down laughing only to get up and howl some more with Boston.

Shared on February 26, the video has collected over 4.6 million views, some 90,000 shares, and more than 100,000 reactions – and still counting. The video appears to be making people just as happy as Braxton was while being recorded.

People loved the sweet interaction as well as the pure, unadulterated joy on the toddler’s face.

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