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Desmond Elliot dragged by Nigerians over insensitive remarks.

Desmond Elliot

In the wake of the shootings at the Lekki Toll gate in Lagos State, former Nigerian Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot blamed the social media at the National House of Assembly for the root cause of the latest twist of events in the country.

Desmond Elliot spoke at the National House of Assembly on the lootings and vandalization of property by the youths, stating that prompt actions has to be taken on the social media which he claimed has negative impacts on the country. He claimed that the media provided a platform for the younger generation to render unprintable curses and abuses at one another and incited some daring ones to storm the Oba of Lagos palace, and even pregnant women joining hoodlums to loot items at malls and other government facilities.

Desmond reiterated that if such uncultured behaviors is allowed to continue, there would be no Nigeria in the next five years.

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Desmond Elliot’s comments drew a wide range of criticisms from Nigerians who nicknamed him “Desmond Idiot”, a name coined from popular comedian Klint da drunk during a comedy show. Nigerians tweet-lashed Desmond Elliot for ignoring the infamous Lekki Toll gate massacre, addressing the Youths as children and defending the government over the hoarding of the Covid19 palliatives meant for the masses.

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