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Dog swallowed Engagement Ring of Her owner

A woman was shocked when she discovered her lost diamond and sapphire engagement ring inside her dog. Elayna Rattenbury, 38, lost the pricey diamond ring she kept on her bedside table.

After days of searching, she began to think it was ingested by her dog, Stevie after it destroyed a box of Kleenex in her bedroom.

The Worcester legal director then brought the seven-month-old puppy to the veterinarian, where an X-ray revealed the ring within Stevie’s body.

Dog swallowed Engagement Ring of Her owner
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“Stevie had grabbed from a tissue box from the same bedside table where I’d put my engagement ring,” said Elayna.

“I went to see the mess she’d caused and immediately realized the ring was not there. It was a heart-stopping moment.”

Fortunately, the ring had not caused any harm to the dog’s internal organs.

Vets advised Elayna and her husband Dave to “let nature take its course,” so they spent four days combing through Stevie’s faeces before finding the ring.

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