Dog Waited 6 Days Outside Hospital For Owner Undergoing Treatment to Come Back


A heartwarming story of a dog has melted the heart of many as it waited for its owner outside a hospital almost a week until he was released after undergoing treatment for a brain condition, reported news agency Reuters.

The dog called Boncuk whose name means ‘Beads’ followed the ambulance that carried Cemal Senturk, 68, to the hospital in Trabzon on Wednesday, January 14, the Turkish news agency DHA reported.

The small, mix-breed dog was rewarded for her loyalty with an emotional reunion when the owner finally left hospital.

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“She doesn’t pose a danger to anyone. Everybody noticed the relationship between the dog and her owner. It makes everybody happy,” the hospital’s communications director Fuat Ugur said.

Senturk’s daughter tried to take the dog home several times, but said that she kept running away to return to the hospital.

When Senturk finally left the hospital this week, an overjoyed Boncuk ran alongside his wheelchair, jumping up to be petted and wagging her tail.

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“It makes a person very happy. The dog is very close to us, like a human being, and it makes you happy,” Senturk was quoted as saying.


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