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Dwayne Johnson to play ancient Egyptian anti-hero in DC film ‘Black Adam’

Fans of the former WWE champion Dwayne Johnson will finally be seeing wrestle turn actor in the DC extended universe film Black Adam playing as the ancient Egyptian anti-hero.

Directed by Spanish-American Jaume Collet-Serra and produced by Johnson’s own company, the upcoming movie is the latest installment into the DC extended universe. Not a great deal of information is known about the movie yet apart from the fact that it will star Johnson as Black Adam and Noah Centineo as ‘Atom Smasher’.

The latest teaser, which was tweeted by Johnson revealed more information will be released on 22 August 2020.

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The character Black Adam first appeared as a recurring character in comic books published by DC Comics in the 1970s. Born as Teth-Adam (or “Mighty Human”), the character is an ancient Egyptian who was chosen by another DC character, the wizard Shazam, to be his successor.

However, while Shazam intended for Teth-Adam to be chosen as his successor due to his moral purity, the power and strength Teth-Adam gained corrupted him and soon, as Black Adam, he overthrows and kills the ruling pharaoh and assumes the throne in Egypt.

Johnson has announced on Instagram that he will be taking part in DC Fandome, an all-day event on Saturday, August 22 featuring panels from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, all of the Arrowverse… and Black Adam!

However, numbers of social media users expressed confusion as to why Johnson was selected to portray an ancient Egyptian and questioned whether the decision was an appropriate one, particularly in light of increased attention and criticism regarding the casting of actors to play characters from other ethnic backgrounds.

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Despite these concerns, production has gone ahead and further information about the time and location where the movie takes place and other cast members remains unclear and is expected to be announced later this month.

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