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roundnews24CelebritiesDynamite-z threatens to beat up Daddy Freeze's proteges.

Dynamite-z threatens to beat up Daddy Freeze’s proteges.


Leader of world mass choir Dynamite-z Alumona has issued a stern warning to anyone who would dare follow the footsteps of Daddy Freeze to throw shades at any influential figure directly connected to him.

The multiple award winning choir director seem to be exonerating Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation ministries for his earlier comments on Daddy Freeze in which the highly respected pastor called the OAP a “Bastard”. Dynamite-z has blamed Daddy Freeze for disrespecting Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s mentor: the founder of Winners chapel Bishop Oyedepo, who chose to remain mute throughout the entire fracas.

Dynamite-z has listed categories of his mentors and fathers that if should get abused, his response would be to physically manhandle the culprit. The choir director’s heavily built stature is enough proof that anybody found guilty would definitely bear a lot of consequences should he decide to carry out his threat. He also revealed how he spared one of his critics by restraining some of his mentees who almost lynched the culprit.

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My own is…
Just look for any of my fathers and make sure you avoid them
Be it my

  1. Biological father
  2. Spiritual father
  3. Musical father
  4. Academic father
  5. Mental father
  6. Agricultural father
  7. Universal father etc…
    Because me I no dey do social media stuff…
    I’ll just look for you and I’ll make sure I find you and we’ll do it the old fashioned way.

A boy mentioned my name here on Facebook and said some funny things… And my son’s wanted to deal with him… Thank God for mercy am still begging… But don’t try it with my father’s any of them…..

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