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Egyptian Scuba Diver Stays Under Water for 145 hours, Sets New World Record

An Egyptian scuba diver, Saddam Al-Kilany, has remained underwater for nearly six entire days in a bid to set a new world record. Videos from the attempt and other documentation have been submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition as the world’s longest scuba dive.

However, the new record hasn’t been formally confirmed by the Guinness Book World Records team yet.

According to reports, Saddam, 29, plunged into the Red Sea off the Dahab coast on November 5 and stayed for 145 hours and 30 minutes, surpassing his own 2017 personal best of 121 hours as well as the current record of 142 hours, 47 minutes. The current world record was set by Cem Karabay in Cyprus in 2016.

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In his world record attempt, Saddam was supported by a team of medical experts and fellow scuba divers.

He had originally planned to remain underwater for 150 hours, but the attempt was ended at 145 hours and 30 minutes due to concerns about his health.

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