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Ever Given, massive ship blocking the traffic at Suez Canal, finally freed



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Shipping activity is set to resume at the Suez Canal after the Ever Given, a ship stuck in the waterway, was freed.

Longer than four football fields, the Ever Given, a vessel headed for Rotterdam, had gotten stuck in the canal on Tuesday, March 23, strangling world supply chains.

Earlier today, we reported that the massive ship was partially refloated and has been turned in the “right direction”.

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The 200,000-tonne ship is almost as long as the Empire State Building with the capacity of carrying 20,000 containers.

Egypt’s Suez Canal is one of the world’s busiest shipping channels and the shortest shipping route between Asia and Europe.

A Maritime data company by Lloyd’s List, estimates that 425 ships are waiting to pass through the canal, including bulk carriers and crude tankers. also says the blockage held up an estimated $9.6 billion worth of cargo each day between Asia and Europe.

Explaining the incident that led to the blockage, the Suez Canal Authority said the vessel was unable to maintain a straight path due to high winds and reduced visibility caused by a sand storm.

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Horns sounded in celebration as the refloated ship moved north toward Bitter Lake after being freed from the mud.

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