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Feminism is devilish – Lady cries out.

A lady took to social media to clamp at those who promote the gender equality movement known as feminism, declaring their agenda as devilish and calling for an end to it.

The Twitter user Adeola the talk girl @dearolaa lamented that the idea of feminism has caused a lot of damages to the society, imploring that Men don’t feel obliged to accept being bossed by the female gender hence the eruption of social vices like domestic violence.

Furthermore, she explained that feminism goes against the creation pattern of Men and Women, insinuating that both genders were never created to be equal, driving her theory to her initial claims of feminism being of a devilish nature.

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Adeola encouraged women to desist from buying into the feminist ideologies, instead ladies should be submissive to their man in order to achieve a healthy home.

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“Feminism and what it stands for is of the devil. God didn’t create men and women equal. Feminist should stop the advocacy because it has brought so much bad things which shouldn’t be overlooked. Women now want to be head and men aint wired that way to take shit.
They’re not wired that way. Support your man, be his fan, respect him then you will see him loving you and your home flourishing. I AM NOT A FEMINIST. I AM A WOMANIST.

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As a woman there should be a balance between your home and your career. Both can work. You can intentionally make it work. Stop the hatred and anger. Do the right thing because deep inside so many are not happy. We were created male and female. Don’t change the story. GM.”

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