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Feminist Coalition Been Attacked On Twitter Over #EndSARS Funds

Feminist Coalition is the subject of a trending conversation on Twitter, involving funds generated during the protest.

A Twitter user, Adeola of Lagos @Rx_Deyholar had revealed that the organisation withdrew $51, 000 on March 5th in Bitcoins from the #EndSARS account and had yet to account for it.

During the protest, the organization raised funds to cater to the needs of the protesters. They also gave an account of how much was spent and on what as well as the balance with them.

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Adeola shared a video grab of the BTC transaction and tweeted, “Feminist co withdrew $51,000 worth of Bitcoin from their donation wallet on the 5th of this month silently.”

This revelation has led to massive reactions on Twitter. Some Twitter users want to give the organization the benefit of the doubt, while others are bashing them for the unexplained action.

Twitter user, Ayobami Ayobami tweeted, “I really don’t want Femco or people associated to see demand for accountability as an affront or people being ‘unappreciative.” These things are normal. Yes, some of the opinions are vile, slanderous, and personal, but in between, some people are genuinely curious.”

Jamal tweeted, ‘Some people desperately want the FemCo ladies to be villains and I don’t like it. It’s not right and is quite unfair. Demand accountability and ask questions but framing the narrative in a way that confers guilt is condemnable.”

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Ecocites tweeted, “So asking for accountability is now a crime? You think this is a wise defence strategy? Femco should simply explain why money was transferred from one wallet to another. What is it for? That’s all.”

Apro making reference to those who lost their lives during the protest tweeted, “My brothers’ last words were “peace and unity”. They didn’t die for Femco to withdraw N23M from #EndSARS account and flex na. Which kain life be this sef!”

Feminist Coalition, which is trending at number 1 on Twitter, had yet to respond to the allegations as of the time of filing this report.

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Source: Punch Newspaper

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