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Gbajabiamila Tell Appointees Yet To Resign To Do So Or Risk Be Annulled

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has encouraged political appointees seeking elective seats to resign, warning that their elections would be null and void if they did not.

In an interview with Channel TV, the Speaker of the House stressed that political appointees should resign before running for political office in the next election, and said the Electoral Act 2022, should be obeyed.

“There was a reason for every law. And that particular provision had a reason behind it,” the lawmaker said. “It had mischief it sought to cure and we all know what that mischief is.”

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He went on to say some appointees have complied with the clause, he claims that others “remain obstinate for want of a better word and hide under the cover of a court decision that has nullified that provision.”

“But then, there is also a court decision that said that nullification by the court should not be executed as of yet. Then, there has also been an appeal by the National Assembly to set it aside.

“So, invariably, it is a personal decision that they have to make. Therefore, the risk they run at the end of it all is if the court does find that the National Assembly was well within its rights to make such a provision that you are contesting an election while still a political appointee, then you are on a very serious risk of having your election bid annulled”.

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