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German Doctors Post Naked Photos to Protest Against Shortage of PPEs Amid Covid-19 Crisis

As health workers at the frontline are trying to contain the coronavirus outbreak that had killed thousands of people across the world.

There has been an acute shortage of personal protective equipment across the world which is endangering the lives of health workers and leaving them dangerously ill-equipped to care for COVID-19 patients.

Protesting against the lack of protective equipment, a group of German doctors on Monday posed naked in an attempt to draw attention to shortages of protective clothing and equipment.

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According to a Guardian report, members of the group said they felt at risk from coronavirus and claimed their calls for help over several months had gone unheeded.

They said ‘when we run out of what little we have, we look like this’, suggesting that going to work without PPE in the current crisis is like being naked.

Naming their protest, Blanke Bedenken, or Naked Qualms, the group has launched a website that has a series of photographs featuring scantily clad doctors hiding their private’s parts with files, toilet paper rolls, and stethoscopes.

Ruben Bernau, the general practitioner in the group, said, ”Nudity is a symbol of how vulnerable we are without protection.”

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The description on the website reads as, ”We are your general practitioners. To treat you safely, we and our team need protective equipment.When we run out of what little we have, we look like this.”

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, doctors in the country have been demanding safety equipment but to no avail. Even though German companies making protective clothing have increased their production, they have not been able to keep up with the demand.

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