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German Government To Initiate Lockdown Over COVID-19 Surge



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The German government has called for a short period of a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the surging cases of the coronavirus.

CNN reports that Ulrike Demmer, the spokeswoman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, made the following comment on Wednesday: “Every call for a short, unified lockdown is correct.”

Speaking further, she said, “The variety of the current measures are not contributing to safety or to acceptance”. She also highlighted the importance of what she called a “common federal approach.”

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According to her, the present situation was unsustainable and there was too much pressure on German healthcare. She insisted that they needed a stable incidence rate below 100.

Just last week, the COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7 (first identified in the United Kingdom) was revealed as being responsible for almost 90 percent of new infections in the country.

It was recently reported by DW that more and more people are losing hope in Germany’s government’s inoculation campaign. However, family doctors expressed their readiness to help, with the health minister saying that the vaccination pace would pick up.

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