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Goat born with human-looking face worship in India (video)



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A mutant goat is being worshiped like a god after being born with a human-looking face in India.

According to a post on india.com, the erie-looking human-faced baby goat has surfaced from Seltipada village on the banks of river Tapi in Songadh taluka in Gujarat, India. The baby goat has four legs and ears like a goat, the rest part of its body looked like a human.

Images and clips of the odd-looking creature have quickly gone viral after it surfaced on social media.

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In the viral video, the newborn goat kid can be seen being worshipped by locals before they buried it, believing it to be the birth of ancestors. As per reports, in India, it is common for mutant animals to attract attention as many consider them to be a sign of god.

Watch the video;

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