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Guy Asks Girl Out By Preparing A ‘Resume’ with his qualities

With modern technology, finding a dating partner has become super convenient. You can literally find the man or woman of your dreams with a click of a button. but for some people perfect unique approach in getting the person of their dreams.

A viral post has rocked the internet as a Twitter user @kristiitat, or Kristi was asked out by a man named James. But rather than give him a yes or no response, and she jokingly replied that if he wants to get her attention, he should send her a cover letter, instead. And guess what, he went ahead and sent her a resume’.

However, James stepped up, creating and sending her an entire resume, which she promptly shared on Twitter.

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He lists his objective as taking Kristi on a date, duh, but also clarifies explains that he simply wants to have some good times.
“Not looking to loop you into a relationship,” he writes. “I’ve known you for 4 years and always had a thing for you. Last semester of college.”

In the next section of his resume, he mentioned his “mating qualification” and enlisted his ‘funny and good style’. He also mentioned that he’s a ‘mamma’s boy’. He even gave references to girls he has previously dated and went on to say that he’s relatively smart and has really good hair.

However, things went south when one of the girls mentioned on his ‘references’ list, said the guy cheated on her multiple times with ‘reference girl two and three’.

Some Twitter user, that way in on the post, appreciate the guy’s clever way to ask the girl out

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Some people also advise her not to date the guy as he doesn’t know the difference between a cover letter and a resume and that his letter was sexist in many ways:

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