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Guys: These signs makes you think a lady’s into you but she’s not.

A traffic light shows green whenever it wants waiting driver to move, so does ladies in a way uses this term to encourage guys to shoot their shot. It’s unladylike as most people believe, for a lady to walk up to a guy she admires and express her feelings for him. Ladies resorts to silent messages encrypted in their actions towards him to let him know her intentions.

Many guys who look out for the proverbial green light has however fallen victims multiple times by misreading simple actions from an admired lady. Desperate dudes translates even a casual nice greetings as expressions of love and then goes ahead to shoot the Ronaldo-ic shot hoping to achieve their goals, only to come back bleeding and licking their wounds.
Obviously not every single actions by a lady spells love, so it’s best to keep every association with the opposite sex at moderate level.

Here are some signs that guys misread:

  1. Should I come over.
    Whenever you’re texting a female and she pops up this question, dude calm down and don’t get over excited. She might probably be bored and looking for whom to tease or play with. Even if she did come over, it’s very heart-rending to hear afterwards “I didn’t come here for this”.
  2. I’ll let you know if I’m available.
    This usually occurs when you ask her out, her refusal to give you an outright No doesn’t mean she’s accepting. She might be trying exercise good manners by not telling you to your face that you aren’t worth her time. So, don’t go bugging her.
  3. When she replies faster than expected.
    Wow it’s very easy to think she’s all into you by giving you so much attention. In most cases, it’s actually true, but for some (which could include you), she might just be catching cruise. Don’t dream too much man, stay sober.
  4. I don’t want your girlfriend to beat me.
    Whenever you hear this, congratulations you’ve made it to the semi finals. But don’t forget, you might be competing with 3 other guys. It’s officially a tournament, stay strong bro. On the other hand, that might just be a lame excuse for rejecting your proposal while trying to preserve the friendship.
  5. Can I sleep over?.
    Damn! There’s always an ulterior motive behind this statement. She’s practically throwing herself at you. But have you wondered if she’s coming over just to make her boyfriend jealous, or maybe wants a different taste of juice. Either way, it’s a win – win, just don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.
  6. When she Likes many pictures on your timeline at once.
    Yeah, this is very important. There’s no justification whatsoever when she visits your profile and reacts to all your pictures and posts at once. She’s definitely trying to get your attention. However, Most guys who follow the green light only finds a wall at the end. This gender is either confused or just enjoy hearing the “tukur” reaction sounds.
  7. When your crush hugs you unexpectedly.
    Well, this gives you a glimmer of hope. But to achieve your aim, you need to work better at shooting shots. If the hugging part gets the best of you, sorry dude, you’re getting your heart broken brutally.
  8. Hey Handsome, can I have your WhatsApp number.
    So many guys have been deceived by this. It’s very rare if you get your digits requested by a lady except she wants to get intimate. Guys who followed this green light only found adverts of watches, shoes, shirts and bags waiting at the other end.
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To be continued

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