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Honor the artists in your choir – Amachree Ikijana Alex tells Pastors.

Media consultant, Amachree Ikijana Alex has admonished Pastors who engage in the negligence of choristers and gospel artists in their churches. He maintained that the musicians who have diligently served in the church’s choir deserve the same honor meted out to guest artists when invited to big programs.

Alex took to his Facebook page to lament that most pastors budget a lot of money to invite big music ministers to their programs or concerts while failing to recognize the local artistes in their churches who’s been consistently rendering their services. He advised that the local artists deserve to be included in the publicity materials and given some incentives too.


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Dear Pastors,

When you plan a music concert and invite top gospel brands like Eben, Travis, Frank Edwards, Tim Godfrey, please pick at least one of the artists in your church choir, maybe the music director or any artiste that you are sure is laboring to serve in the church faithfully.

Put the artiste picture alongside the big brands on all the publicity materials. Pay the artiste from your church at least half of what you are paying the big brands. On the day of the concert, let him wear a good suit and come sit together at the section for the guest artiste with the rest of the big brands and assign protocol officers to him too. Give him or her the best treatment as you give to the big brands…

This will do two major things for the artiste in your church. It will help them to connect and network with those big brands easily. Some of them are dreaming to have a song collaboration with these brands but can’t reach them. It will even be difficult for them to access these big brands you bring to minister from the choir stand. But if they are treated as co artiste for the same event, they will have easy access. You might need to give a different person from the choir this opportunity every time you are hosting a concert so that more people have the privilege.

The second thing this will do for them is that it will build their self-confidence and help them see the possibility of their dreams coming to reality.

Finally, this will make them feel honored and appreciated. Stop telling a person who’s serving you on earth that their reward is in heaven when you can be a blessing to them here on earth.

You see this thing is about Honor. Some pastors actually have no value for their musicians. They feel 100k is too much to give an artiste in their church but they are begging the artiste another man raised for 500k for a 10 minutes ministration.

Help the artiste in your church grow. Use every opportunity to honor them. Truth is that Eben’s picture on a poster with 5 pictures of the artists from your church choir will still be a great concert banner.

The truth is that whether you help them or not, they will still blow without you and move on. It will do you good to be an instrument in their growth.

If you don’t help them now, tomorrow they will blow and ask you to pay 5 Million Naira to have them and you will start shouting that they are PROUD and that they have forgotten where they are coming from. No sir! They are not coming from anywhere, they have always been orphans because you didn’t treat them as a father would.

Please honor the artists in your choir, treat them well, celebrate them, promote them, if not for anything, for the sake of the gospel on their lips to the world. Be the reason somebody’s candle is lit.

If you can afford to set up a record label, please set it up. Call me and I will advise you on how to set a structure for it to work. We can change the world by touching one life at a time from where we are.

God bless us all.

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