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roundnews24GeneralI'm not a scammer - Kelvin speaks out.

I’m not a scammer – Kelvin speaks out.

I’m not a scammer – Kelvin

A Nigerian entrepreneur took to social media to defend himself from accusations of defrauding people through dubious means. Mr. Kelvin was called out by social media influencer @Bimbo_cash stating that he allegedly created a fake ponzi scheme, convinced a lot of people to invest their money and later shut down the platform, making away with the money of all his victims.

In support of this claims, Nigerians took to twitter to demand for the arrest of Mr. Kelvin, insisting that the intentionally defrauded people while claiming to be investing in forex trading.

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Mr. Kelvin explained that the allegations were all false, maintaining his innocence, he narrated in a series of tweets that he encountered losses during his trades thereby shutting down his trading platform as he couldn’t repay all the loans.


So here goes: 2019 was a horrible year for me. I practically lost everything that meant anything to me.

I lost my monies and that of 2 investors who invested #13m with me to trade FX during BREXIT negotiations.

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I’m not proud of it because it’s difficult to make money

And losing people’s monies is a terrible thing. In January 2020, I was arrested and detained for 1month, my passport seized, laptop seized, accounts frozen. It was hell for me. So many persons walked away from me, and I can understand why they would do that.

I stopped trading and also stopped accepting investments from anyone. I was arrested again in June twice and taken to Court, where I was granted bail. And this matter is still in Court. All I have asked for in all this period is time to build back and return the monies.

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I didn’t deny accepting the funds, I never ran away, I apologized profusely for the inconvenience the loss caused all the parties, and I always showed up when I was invited.

We all make mistakes, mine was I took excessive risk and lost other people’s monies

I never scammed anyone or defrauded anyone, and I am working hard to rebuild in a new line that is devoid of excessive risk taking and is sustainable. I’m truly really indeed SORRY for the pain the loss has caused and I seriously regret it.

I’m working to rebuild a new business. Failing is an event not a person, and while I acknowledge that I failed in trading last year, I know I will build back better, stronger and sustainably!

I urge you to keep the faith with me as I make this journey.

Kind Regards.

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