Kate Henshaw says the hospital rejected her stabbed cleaner



Veteran Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw revealed on Twitter that her cleaner was rejected by a Lagos hospital after being stabbed on her way to work this morning, May 18.

The actress said that the cleaner was stabbed in the Idowu Martins area of Victoria Island in Lagos. She was then taken to a nearby hospital, but the staff turned her away, saying that they don’t take patients with knife wounds.

The seasoned actress claimed in her narration that she was at the gym when this incident happened and that she didn’t find out about it until she came back home.

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The actress took to Twitter to provide a detailed account of the incident, writing:

“My cleaner was stabbed this morning at 6 am on her way to work on Idowu Martins next to Mega Plaza…

“She managed to get to a clinic nearby and was told that they do not treat knife wounds!!

“She is now receiving treatment at another hospital. “No one is safe!! No one.”

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