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roundnews24Social media gistLady allegedly molested by Bolt driver.

Lady allegedly molested by Bolt driver.

A bolt user was reportedly hospitalized after she was allegedly manhandled by the bolt driver who picked her up. According to her story, the lady claimed that her bolt driver failed to drop her at her destination, all her protests fell on deaf ears and he went as far as dragging her out of his vehicle, beating and damaging her phone in the process.

The lady @annieadelesi appealed to Bolt Nigeria on Twitter seeking retribution and demanded that the erratic driver be punished and medical attention provided. She described the identity of the driver, urging the transport firm to take necessary actions to mete out the required punishment for his unlawful behavior.

Narrating her ordeal, it appeared that Miss Annie has ordered a Bolt ride to take her to her destination which she is seemingly unfamiliar with. The Bolt driver whose name was given as Yusuf Salawudeen arrived with his guest but was now faced with the challenge of dropping her at the exact location since neither of them knows there. The impatient driver complained about time wastage and threatened to drop her off.

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An argument ensued afterwards with Miss Annie concluding she wouldn’t pay for the trip and alighted. The angry driver threw caution to the wind and reportedly rough handled her trying to wrest his money, and in the process her phone got damaged. The struggle left her with bruises which resulted to being hospitalized.

The Boltapp Nigeria assured Miss Annie that proper investigations are being made to bring Mr. Yusuf Salawudeen to book.


I order a @Boltapp_ng ride yesterday at about few minutes past 10pm, Yusuf Salawudeen showed up we stared the trip.
I slept for the most part of the trip and he had to wake me when we got to the estate gate to talk to the securities
As soon as we entered The estate, I tried directing him to my location, but it was dark and all the buildings looked the same.
That’s when Yusuf started been grumpy so I told him to use his map.
Few seconds later another trip came in for him and he told me He was Going to end My trip that I was just wasting his time. And he did, it was at this point that I got angry and told him that if he doesn’t drop me off at my location I won’t pay him a dime. I got out of the car and started walking again and he came at …

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