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Lai Mohammed has issued a stern warning to Bishop Mathew Kukah following his “nepotism” criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari

The information minister, Lai Mohammed has Responded to Bishop Kukah following the cleric’s criticism of President Buhari.

In a statement titled “FG Urges Religious Leaders To Eschew Message of Disharmony,” the information minister stated that it is unbefitting of religious leaders to fan the embers of disunity and hatred.

Recall that the bishop had accused Buhari of nepotism during his Christmas message, However, the information minister warned Kukah to desist from acts capable of triggering “unintended consequences.

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Although the minister did not mention the name of Kukah, it was clear that he was referring to the bishop, who sent a strongly worded to Buhari on Christmas day.

“It’s graceless and impious for any religious leader to use the period of Christmas, which is a season of peace, to stoke the embers of hatred, sectarian strife, and national disunity,” Lai said.

“Calling for a violent overthrow of a democratically-elected government, no matter how disguised such a call is, and casting a particular religion as violent is not what any religious leader should engage in, and certainly not in a season of peace.

“Instigating regime change outside the ballot box is not only unconstitutional but also an open call to anarchy.

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“While some religious leaders, being human, may not be able to disguise their national leadership preference, they should refrain from stigmatizing the leader they have never supported anyway, using well-worn and disproved allegations of nepotism or whatever.”

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