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Leaked Photos show TCL prototype phone with an expandable, slide-out display

TCL is working on a new smartphone with a slide-out display, CNET leaked photo suggests, unlike other smartphones like Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Fold, that can bend in half.

The images show a phone that looks like a Normal smartphone, which at that point transforms it into a tablet after you’ve pulled out the screen.

A source revealed to CNET that TCL had been planning to make a big appearance at the Mobile World Congress this month before the trade show was canceled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Looking at the Photo, the TCL phone looks like other phones with curved screens on either side, but the center of the phone and the dual front-facing camera along the right side, there’s a break in the chassis where you can pull the two sides apart to expose the surplus screen.

Also, looking from the back, the extended portion would have its own (nonglass) backing to support the display. The design also suggests that half of the phone will be left empty when the device is expanded since it has to be able to fit while the device is in its more compact model.

TCL has prominently grasped concept phone designs in the last year, showing off at least half a dozen foldable phone prototypes, including one with a trifold screen and this budget foldable

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