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Letter to all Yahoo guys (scammers) – by Emmy Ray.

Following the agitations for the expulsion of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) by Nigerian youths, a young man known as Emmy Ray penned an open letter to internet fraudsters notoriously nicknamed as yahoo guys cautioning their activities. The hilarious letter blamed scammers as the reason behind the molestation of Nigerian youths by SARS and also the inability of non scammers to maintain healthy relationships with their partners.

Read below:

Letter To All Yahoo Guys
My dear yahoo guys

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I’m EmmyRay writing on behalf of all the non_yahoo guys in 9ja.

We’re sick & tired of this things you’re doing us.

Because of you guys, we cannot dm any girls freely again because of “I need 2k urgently”. when it is that any time they ask you, you too will urgently send them the 2k urgently. 
To date fine girl is now a problem sef, even ugly ones are using us to do shakara because we cannot buy them iPhone wey no get button for front for them. Ya dating fine gals and still collecting the ones we’re managing, do you want us to turn to gay? One fine girlfriend plus one ugly gal is enough, pity us na, itis hustling we’re hustling to get money, we dinnoh kee person.

Ordinary cover slippers that we used to buy for #1,500 before, if you’re even lucky and go early in the morning to buy it, you’ll get it for #1,400 is now been sold for #10,000, do you want us to be walking barefooted. Try and learn how to haggle on prize of goods, igbo boys are desperate, they got that slippers for just #200 from Aba.
I’m sure that we’ll soon start using palmfrond as clothes because of the way you’ve make the prices of clothes to skyrocket, now the only designers we can afford are Mike, Palm Angelina, AdiBas and Puma with the cat logo trying to jump fence .
Not to talk of the way you’re spending money in clubs when we’re at one side managing our maltina and yoghurt, abi is it the way you’re oppressing us with your rides, itis not a must you snap with car key in your hand na, some will even be bathing with car keys in their hand. #ko_neccessary_na

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Pity us na, if not for anything but for the way we all trooped out to help deliver you guys from Sars.
We’re not asking you not to dupe them, kwantinu, the Lord is ur strength buh stop intimidating us.
Stop all this oppression before we start going to shrine to swear for you people. 
We hope to hear favourably from you soon .
Yours faithfully 
President of non yahoo guys association of Nigeria.

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